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Many years of experience with AC KAMI in the customs industry and following the latest tax and customs regulations have prompted us to expand our services with customs clearance in a simplified procedure. The customs agency in Poznań and Września conducts clearance both in the import and export of goods (export, import).

We have a point at the Customs Office in Poznań (ul. Wichrowa 4), which allows you to perform customs clearance even on holidays and outside office hours. We guarantee efficient service and assistance in completing the procedures.

Customs services also include the preparation of documentation for the needs of export and import and assistance in all procedures towards the Customs Chamber (including INTRASTAT declarations, export in the AES system, EUR.1 customs documents, TIR carnets, CMR).

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Customs service – a comprehensive service

As part of our activity, we offer you comprehensive customs services in all customs procedures:


import - also clearance in the simplified procedure with VAT settlement in the VAT-7 declaration


export in the ECS system - simplified procedure


economic procedures - inward processing, outward processing, temporary admission, customs warehouse


full service in the field of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)


obtaining on your behalf permits to place goods under an economic procedure


issuing customs documents - EUR.1, Certificate of Origin, TIR carnet, CMR


applications, appeals submitted to customs authorities

Simplified procedure

Foreign trade requires the goods to be delivered to the customs office and declared for a customs procedure or customs destination (on the Single Administrative Document SAD). The simplified procedure allows you to replace the traditional declaration with an electronic notification from the customs office about the delivery of goods to the place where customs activities are to be performed. Therefore, it allows you to simplify the activities needed to place goods under a customs procedure.

The simplified procedure does not imply any interference in the customs procedure itself and its course. However, it allows you to dispose of the goods faster, which is very important in a competitive market. Currently, this type of customs service is used not only by companies specializing in foreign trade but also by companies that want to deliver goods to foreign recipients faster or gain access to imported raw materials.

In practice, the simplified procedure consists in taking over by a company specializing in customs services (having the status of a trusted importer and exporter) all formalities necessary to initiate the clearance procedure. The customs administration most often performs then only a selective control of the correctness of customs declarations.

Simplified procedure – benefits

The simplified procedure allows:

  • save time – allows you to avoid long waiting times for customs clearance performed by an officer (the customs office decides within 1 hour
  • reduce costs – the goods at the destination are waiting for formalities to be completed (costs related to the delivery of goods, vehicle parking, administrative and office services, and storage are reduced),
  • make export clearance at any time (even after the working hours of the customs office),
  • rationally plan delivery dates,
  • fulfill customer orders faster,
  • get quick access to imported goods,
  • release the goods before payment is made,
  • reduce the number of inspections and revisions of goods,
  • obtain the possibility of deferring payment for customs and tax liabilities,
  • settle VAT based on art. 33a of the Goods and Services Tax Act.

Customs clearance in a simplified procedure

The Kami Customs Agency has the permission of customs and fiscal authorities to carry out customs clearance in export and import under simplified procedures. This permit allows you to carry out checks in a very short time, also outside office hours. In addition, when making import clearance, the importer does not have to pay VAT at the time of customs clearance.

Import customs clearance in a simplified procedure

Fewer formalities

The decision to release or control the goods is made by the customs office within the time strictly defined in the permit, in practice up to 1 hour. In contrast to standard customs clearance, where most of the activities related to the service rest with the customs officer, in the simplified procedure these duties are transferred to the customs agent. Customs clearance under the simplified procedure also allows for the application of deferred VAT. Thus, it creates the possibility of settling VAT on the import of goods in VAT-7 tax returns without the need to physically pay the tax to the account of the customs authorities at the time of clearance.

 What is an EORI number?

Every entrepreneur interested in trade with countries outside the EU should have an EORI Number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification). What is this? It is a special identification number for business entities, which is granted once and is valid throughout the European Union. Thanks to it, the entrepreneur is recognized by the Community customs and tax authorities.

 How do I get an EORI number?

The EORI number can be obtained by applying via the PUESC portal ( Our agency can apply and obtain an EORI number for you acting based on the authorization granted.

AEO certificate

We are holders of the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) Certificate, known in Poland as the Authorized Entrepreneur Certificate.

An entity trading goods with foreign countries or an entity representing such companies may obtain an AEO certificate, and after obtaining it, benefit from facilitations related to customs control regarding safety and security, as well as simplifications provided for under customs regulations.

 Customs services – why AC KAMI?

AC KAMI provides comprehensive services related to customs clearance in import and export. We keep track of tax and customs regulations and have many years of experience in this area. We specialize in customs clearance in a simplified procedure. We will quickly and efficiently declare your goods for customs clearance, prepare documents and clarify any doubts.

Customs service - our certificates

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