We would like to offer our services in submitting INTRASTAT’s declarations. From you, we will only need to provide the necessary documents to complete the declarations. You can provide documents in any way that is more convenient for you. As soon as we receive them, we will complete a declaration and send it electronically to the proper custom and tax office. After approval of the declaration by the office, we will receive a confirmation with the registration number under which the declaration was registered in the INTRASTAT system.

After submitting the declaration to the customs and tax office you will receive a declaration from us along with a list of invoices contained therein. We offer complex services, also in consulting intra-EU trade.

Usługi intrastat Poznań, Września

What is the INTRASTAT system?

The INTRASTAT service allows unifying the system of registering commercial transactions between entities from different European Union countries. It was created for statistical purposes so that offices could gain access to information on intra-Community sales and purchases.

Intrastat declaration – Who is obliged to submit declarations?

The entity is obliged to complete the INTRASTAT declaration if:

  • the value of goods arrivals or dispatches made by this entity in the year preceding the reporting year exceeded the value specified for the basic threshold in arrivals or dispatches established for the current reporting year, or;
  • the value of goods arrivals or dispatches made by this entity exceeded in a given reporting year the value specified for the basic threshold in arrivals or dispatches established for a given reporting year.

In the latter case, the obligated person submits INTRASTAT declarations starting from the INTRASTAT declaration for the reporting period in which the threshold value was exceeded.

The thresholds are published annually by the Central Statistical Office. It is worth remembering that the legislator separates transactions into export and import transactions, therefore INTRASTAT-Iarrimport and INTRASTAT-Export declarations should be submitted separately (we may be required to submit only one of these pieces of information).

Basic thresholds and detailed thresholds

Every year, the Central Statistical Office provides separate basic and detailed thresholds. Depending on which amount we exceed, we must provide other data in the INTRASTAT declaration.

VAT payers whose turnover exceeds the basic threshold (transactions from the current and previous year should be checked) must include the reporting period, the type of declaration, and the code of the relevant customs chamber in the declaration.

The report must also include:


specifying the consignee (import) or consignor (export),


total invoice value (expressed in PLN),


number of items,


item numbers,


description of the goods,


relevant country code (country of dispatch on import or country of destination on export),


transaction type code,


commodity code, its net weight, and quantity (expressed in a supplementary unit of measure),


invoice value (expressed in PLN),


signature of the person completing the declaration.

If the turnover exceeds the detailed threshold, the basic data should be accompanied by:

  • delivery terms code,
  • transport code,
  • total statistical value (in PLN),
  • static value (in PLN)

Many companies decide to outsource INTRASTAT. The external company will ensure that the declarations are completed under applicable regulations and that the data provided in them is complete.

INTRASTAT declaration – Which turnover should be declared?

The INTRASTAT system records the export and import of goods between Poland and other EU countries.

Community goods include:

  • Goods obtained in the EU.
  • Goods originating from third countries and external territories but released for free circulation in an EU Member State,
  • Goods obtained in the customs territory of the EU from goods corresponding to the characteristics of points 1 and 2.


Completing INTRASTAT declarations in Poznań – use the help of specialists

The complicated definition of Community goods and the intricate rules for completing INTRASTAT declarations for basic and detailed thresholds make external INTRASTAT services beneficial for most entrepreneurs. Entrusting the preparation of the declaration, based on the regulations in force in a given year, to experienced specialists guarantees relief for the company in completing all formalities to the Customs Office.

The AC Kami company prepares INTRASTAT declarations in Poznań for companies (entities) obliged to register intra-community transactions in the current system. We quickly and efficiently complete INTRASTAT declarations (based on the invoices and documents provided) and submit them in the electronic form to the appropriate Customs Chamber.

We will also archive the data used to create the declaration.

Contact us and INTRASTAT will be easy.

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